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Is Weibo Really a Threat to Twitter (..or to Anyone)?

According to Bloomberg, apparently not. Techinasia reports a pretty dour future for Weibo, as told by Weibo. It’s a depressing read and implies a confused and beaten leadership.

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Here’s Why and How Linkedin Can Succeed in China.

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by ClickZ Asia on the topic of Linkedin succeeding in China.

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Ka Ching Dynasty: Documentary of China’s Rich Children.

Found this via BBHshanghai – its a great 26 min documentary on China’s second generation super rich; aka the first generation to grow up knowing nothing but wealth and privilege their entire lives.

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All you need to know about mobile in China… or is it?

Came across this recently – it’s a fun video showcasing some great stats on mobile in China. Perfect for showing those among us “not-in-the-know” or “out-of-the-loop” or in my case, “those-who-should-know-but-don’t-know-however-have-successfully-faked-knowing-but-for-how-long-wtf-do-i-look-like-a-fortune-teller-do-you-see-my-crystal-ball-what-was-i-talking-about-again-you-want-that-by-when-take-your-deadline-and-stick-it-up-your-ass”.

Tangential ranting aside, a dubious benefit to pull your attention across the fold… did you not fill your quota of “random statistics you’ll soon forget” today? Well baby – lady luck lies but a scroll and a click away.

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Hey baby, it’s been a while.

Good morning netizens.. to those of you who didn’t unsubscribe during the forever months I wasn’t writing, anyway. A quick shout: I’m gonna take another stab at this thing here they call “blogging”. It isn’t so hard at first mind you.. but then, the beginning of a marathon isn’t so hard either.

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